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Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bully Prevention month, a time for a renewed focus on bullying---the identification, response, and prevention of bullying. 

All can be a part of educating our children and youth in understanding acceptable behaviors, differences in others, solving conflicts, and managing emotions.

With a shared responsibility, we must come together to teach our kids about:

  • Kindness, compassion, and respect

  • How one’s actions make other people feel

  • Controlling one’s aggression

  • Why bullying is hurtful

  • Sensitivity and understanding

  • Empathy, tolerance, and awareness

When it comes to bullying, it might be easy to say, “My kid would never do that.” One of the best programs this year on bullying, I believe, was the Dateline episode, “My Kid Would Never Do That: Bullying.” In this Dateline story, parents watch on hidden camera how their kids respond to bullies (actors) in person and online.  In this feature, there is also a twist where parents witness a bullying situation while being filmed on a hidden camera, as well. In the middle of bullying situations, the bystanders quickly realize what is happening, and they recognize the bullying taking place. The participants, for the most part, are clearly uncomfortable with what’s occurring. The responses, however, will vary with each participant.